Week 22 in Manufacturing News

How Digital Manufacturing Can Accelerate Lean Production


From this research report you can read:

  • How lean manufacturing principles support faster, more efficient processes in design, prototyping and production.
  • What “digital manufacturing” really means, its benefits, and how it was implemented at Protolabs.
  • How to evaluate the options for in-house and contract manufacturing, including via web-based digital services or overseas suppliers.

Source: Engineering.

Brexit Shutdowns Cut UK Car Manufacturing by Half

UK car production plunged by almost half in April as factory shutdowns took their toll on the industry. Many car makers imposed production shutdown which had been scheduled to follow the UK’s expected departure from the EU on 29 March.

Fewer than 71,000 cars were produced in April, a fall of 57,000 from the same month in 2018, according to figures from the trade body.

Source: Telegraph.

MRP vs. ERP: What’s The Difference and Which Solution is Right for Your Company?

ERP is a powerful tool for corporations that need and can afford its many features, but MRP systems target the needs of the small manufacturing company that is looking to become more efficient and profitable.

Source: Small Business CEO.

Trade war is good news for ASEAN manufacturing

Asian countries are hoping the United States (US)-China trade war will permanently boost manufacturing as brands dodge the row by choosing cheaper locations to make their goods.

Business has fanned out from China, often referred to as the ‘Factory of the World’, into Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Indonesia for years.

But the shift has accelerated as the world’s two biggest economies slap tit-for-tat tariffs on each other. 

Source: The ASEAN Post.