Week 17 in Manufacturing News

The future of manufacturing is smart, secure and stable

Early adopters aren’t waiting around for five years for IoT to change their business – many are already using 4G.


They’re leveraging mobile connectivity across all assets in their factories today in order to achieve smart manufacturing with mobility, security, and reliability. However, 5G will be the catalyst for scaling the smart factory. 

The solutions that this increased connectivity enables – sensors, cloud robotics, centralized tracking of goods, remote quality inspection, automated factory floors.

Source: World Economic Forum.

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Here’re the Technological Innovations that Manufacturing Industry Should Adopt

To improve the production line, the manufactures can employ varied kinds of technology tools:

  1. Using the Total Lifetime Value Calculator (TLVC) for Generative Designs
  2. Employing Additive Manufacturing (AM) in Applications
  3. Deploying of Digital Factory Data
  4. Utilizing Autonomy Solution Provider (ASPs)

Source: Entrepreneur.

Manufacturing Analytics Leaders Talk Digital Innovation and Industry 4.0 Success in New Webinar Series

A new webinar series, “The Foundation of Industry 4.0”, launches on May 8th, 2019 and highlights subject matter experts including manufacturers outlining what it takes to deliver sustainable and scalable digital transformation, and include common challenges, proven best practices, and real-world outcomes.

Source and registration: YAHOO Finance.

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