Supply Chain Management

Inventory Tracking – An Essential Guide For SMEs

Inventory tracking means monitoring stock movements to increase visibility in the company’s supply chain. This added transparency helps businesses improve their ordering and overall inventory management practices, ensure traceability, and make sure that goods reach the production floor and the customer at the right time.

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How to Manage Supply Chain Disruptions?

The world has experienced historic supply chain disruptions during the last years. From trade wars and COVID-19 to semiconductor shortages and the Suez canal blockage – there are few industries that have not been affected. The lesson learned is to be better prepared and to remain flexible.

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Supplier Performance Management Best Practices

Following supplier performance management best practices and using proper metrics could help you identify and deal with supply chain issues early on, avoiding stock-outs, production bottlenecks, or other complications that could arise due to unreliable suppliers.

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