Medical Technology Company Implements Their First ERP Software

Up until last year, this UK company ran its manufacturing operations using a combination of their CRM, Microsoft Excel, and manual scheduling. As the company grew, the Production Manager started to build the case for the benefits an ERP platform would bring to the business.

Another impetus was the need to replace traditional stock-keeping methods with a real-time solution.

An ERP with third-party integrations

The first step on the journey towards ERP was to map out their basic needs. The company decided they required a system that would provide good routing, support multi-level BoMs and integrate with their new accounting software, Xero, as well as a CRM system. They analyzed the market and looked at many different systems but found a number of them were just based around stock management.

The Production Manager then came across MRPeasy, undertook a trial, and really liked it. He also spoke to one of their plastics suppliers who were already using it and visited them to see the system in action.

Literally a solo implementation

The MRPeasy implementation was undertaken by the Production Manager from September until November last year, commencing with the setup of purchase management and inventory modules followed by creating BOMs and then with the final stage being production control.

“I am a bit of a control freak,” he admits, “so I did pretty much everything on my own.”

MRPeasy makes life much easier

Since the implementation, the company has benefited from time savings resulting from using the Product Configurator, together with the Gantt charts that allow the Production Manager to move the schedule around and see what’s going on for a couple of days in advance.

“It’s amazing how much time the software saves me,” he says. “It took a bit of work to set it up but now whenever I do any production processing, everything flows really nicely.”

He also highlights the value of the CRM module which shows a pipeline view of status of orders which he concludes is good for salespeople, commenting “this way, they do not have to call me whenever they want to know when orders are ready to go out.”

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