Barcode System in Manufacturing


One simple way to improve efficiency in manufacturing is the use of barcodes.

When we buy something in the store, we see how goods are identified through barcodes within a second. This not only eliminates selecting the product manually from the long list, which is time-consuming but also reduces the chance of a mistake.

The same approach, that is used in points of sale, can be implemented in manufacturing. Barcode system allows both to print barcodes to label products and to scan barcodes to identify products. Furthermore, there are some special features to increase efficiency even more.

For example, in MRPEasy manufacturing software some software pages have special reactions to barcode scanning:

  • Stock -> Stock lots – immediately find all stock lots with this particular item;
  • Stock -> Inventory – show inventory levels of the item;
  • Procurement -> Purchase orders – find all purchase orders with this item.

Additionally, barcodes can be used to identify not only stock items but also particular parts. Serial numbers can be printed on items with barcodes, and later they can be scanned and identified.

Barcodes can be divided into two types: linear and matrix codes. Though matrix codes can contain more information, linear codes are good enough to identify products. From our experience, scanners that support linear codes only, are much cheaper compared to the ones that can handle matrix codes. We have tested different scanners, including quite cheap ones from, and have achieved satisfactory results.

To sum up, implementing a barcode system in manufacturing increases efficiency,  helps to avoid mistakes and does not require big investments.

Don’t hesitate to ask us more regarding the barcode system.