Author: mrpeasy

Top 8 Predictions for Small Manufacturers in 2018

The holidays are over. The decorations are down and the champagne glasses polished and put away. Yearend reports are done and dusted. Everyone is settling back into business as usual. Now that we’re in the first quarter of the new year, it would be wise to take a moment to look ahead to the coming […]

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Implementing Manufacturing Software. Benefits from Process Changes

The reality is that the issues that need to be relieved – e.g. the pains of inaccurate inventory management or production schedule – are not caused by the lack of a manufacturing software. The situation in which a company finds itself is the result of its habits and the current processes and procedures.

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Manufacturing Software and Accounting Software Integration

At some point every production company needs to start using manufacturing software (i.e. an MRP system). It is very likely that by that time accounting software is already in use, but it has ceased to satisfy needs – it does not supply the necessary answers and restrains the growth of the business.

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